Pocatello MMA Classes


A (Mixed Martial Arts) is a commonly used term that refers to an open ruleset for fighting. Competitors can use strikes, takedowns, and submission holds to win the fight, which is commonly held in a cage (hence why it is often referred to as cage fighting). At Colossal, we offer multiple classes a week specifically for MMA, and our jiu jitsu classes are also very useful for this type of competition. Despite how many schools approach MMA, Colossal trains in a way that will maximize competition performance while minimizing injuries sustained during bouts or training. 


Colossal does very well in MMA, and has produced multiple title-holders. The training can be physically and mentally grueling, particularly if you want to try and test your skills in a sanctioned match. If you think you are interested in competing in MMA, you must be regularly attending classes, and have approval from the coaches prior to accepting a fight. We are always happy to work with athletes interested in training, but if you would like to fight for team Colossal, you must be ready to commit to a full camp! 

Our coaching staff reviews competition footage, develops a game plan, and works with fighters throughout the camp in order to deliver optimal results on fight night. MMA is a tough game, but Colossal will work with its fighters to get their hands raised!  


In addition to having our full mat areas for jiu jitsu, wrestling, and judo, we also have a full gym and weight area, as well as a 20 x 20 cage for fighters to train in! There is no substitute for practicing in a cage, particularly given how nuanced the wall work and striking can be in an enclosed area. Come train at a facility that will prepare you for a real fight!