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David Gorham

David Gorham photo David Gorham

David began training martial arts when he was 18, with a mixture of submission wrestling and striking. He came to Colossal Fight Company (formerly Precision Jiu Jitsu) in 2009, and greatly enjoyed the depth of technique and challenge that gi training offered. David has competed in kickboxing, judo, jiu-jitsu, submission grappling, and mixed martial arts, and believes in consistently testing your skills in a competition venue. He has also competed in professional invitationals as a highlighted athlete. His drive to train others is supported by his methodical and detailed approach to teaching. 

David has gone from white belt to black belt in the Pedro Sauer association, which he is extremely proud of. He strives to get as much mat time as possible, and teaches the adult, teen, and child classes for Colossal. He continues to hone his technique for both self-defense and competition.

Outside of jiu-jitsu, David is a financial planner, and seeks to train at other academies when he travels.

Competition Record (updates in progress):

  • Brown Belt - 38 total matches, 23 wins. 78% of wins by submission.
    • SLC IBJJF Open, 10-5-2019, 3-1 overall
      • Adult Lightweight, 2-0, Gold
      • Adult Absolute, 1-1, Silver
    • Grappling Industries Boise, 7-22-2019, 6-2 overall
      • Master Gi, 2-0, Gold
      • Adult Advanced No Gi, 2-1, Gold
      • Adult Absolute, 2-1, Bronze
    • Proving Grounds Invitational 4, 5-5-2019, 2-1 overall, finalist
    • IBJJF No Gi Worlds, 12-16-2017, 1-1 overall
    • NAGA SLC, 9-30-2017, 2-1 overall
      • Men’s No Gi Expert Lightweight, 2-0, Gold
      • Men’s Brown Belt Gi, 0-1, silver
    • IBJJF Master Worlds, 8-24-2017, 1-1 overall
    • Northwest Submission Challenge, 4-30-2017, 2-2 overall
      • Men’s Advanced Lightweight, 1-1, Silver
      • Men’s Brown belt Lightweight, 1-1, Silver
    • NAGA SLC, 3-25-2017, 3-2 overall
      • Men’s No Gi Expert Lightweight, 2-1, Silver
      • Men’s Brown Belt Gi, 1-1, silver
    • Impact SLC, 3-4-2017, 1-3 overall
      • Gi, 0-2
      • No Gi, 1-1, Silver
    • NAGA SLC, 10-1-2016, 2-1 overall
      • Men’s No Gi Expert Lightweight, 1-1, Silver
      • Men’s Brown Belt Gi, 1-0, gold