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Moses Collier

Moses Collier photo Moses Collier

Moses began his martial arts career at the age of twelve in Karate. Since then, he has been able to train and discover the similarities between several martial disciplines. For the last seven years he has been training in Kodokan Judo at Idaho State University and with the Pocatello Blackrock Judo club. Moses has competed at the local and national level in Judo. He currently is a member of the teaching staff at Idaho State University instructing one of the PE classes. Moses is driven to ensure that all those who come to train understand what they are trying to learn.

Moses came to Colossal Fight Company in 2016 ready to help people discover Judo. He looks forward to training, learning and teaching with anyone who is willing to work hard, have an open mind and be willing to grow. Outside of martial arts, Moses enjoys spending time with his family, music, and helping on the family farm.