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Mackenzie Gorham

Mackenzie Gorham photo Mackenzie Gorham
  • Black Belt
Mackenzie has been training in martial arts since she started judo at four. She earned a black belt in Shorin Ryu karate as a teenager, and began training jiu jitsu during college, mostly doing no-gi. Mackenzie moved to Idaho in 2009, and started training with John Ralph, Heath Ivers, Jeremy Shive and others at Precision Jiu Jitsu and continued in the PSBJJ association when Precision transitioned to Colossal Fight Company. Mackenzie is now a brown belt in the Pedro Sauer association, and is an instructor with the Elizabeth Smart Foundation Smart Defense program. Mackenzie also volunteers as an Ambassador with the We Defy Foundation supporting veteran's in jiu jitsu. She enjoys the mental challenge that jiu jitsu requires, and very real way it teaches youth (and adults!) not to judge someone's skills by their looks or size.