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Heath Ivers

Heath started training Jiu Jitsu when Jared Emfield opened the Pocatello academy in 2006.
He quickly became a skilled and efficient technician which is evident in his practice and instruction. He is always ready to help his students with any questions they may have. His attention to detail, conceptual understanding and commitment to using proper technique over athleticism makes his instruction exceptional.

Professionally, Heath works with children with special needs which gives him the unique ability to connect with each member of the kids class. This also enables him to effortlessly break down movements and techniques for those students that may need extra help.

In 2012, Heath earned his brown belt from Master Sauer. He continues his journey in Jiu Jitsu bysupplementing his training with Mr. Emfield as often as he can along with private sessions with his fellow instructors and traveling to seminars.